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What’s Your Season? presents an exciting new approach to living well, bringing together the best of Eastern and Western medicine to help you optimize your health.


Spring is a time for new possibilities and transformation. Plant the seeds of change, move toward new goals, and eat the season's leafy greens, herbs, and cleansing foods.

A Seasonal Approach to Health

The natural world doesn’t sit still. Rain gives way to sunshine, acorns grow into oak trees, and summer turns to winter. Yet as the world changes around us, most of us exhibit the same health symptoms and characteristics all year long, turning to workout routines and diet plans that we expect to work for everyone, every time. Looking instead to nature for guidance, What’s Your Season? offers a new, more organic approach to attaining optimal health, drawing on the example of the cycle of seasons to help you to uncover your own path to better living.

By relating characteristics of your health, personality, and physical condition to five different seasonal body types, this approach explains the ways in which what you eat, drink, think, and do impact your health—and how you can use nature’s example to take control of your well-being and develop a personalized lifestyle plan that works for you.

"Look to the seasons when choosing your cures."

– Hippocrates

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