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Welcome to our WYS blog. This is where you'll find information about living and eating seasonally, as well as resources for healing your seasonal body type. We'll be posting updated information on holistic health (diet, mindfulness, exercise, environment), seasonal recipes, and more.

First of all, what does "living seasonally" even mean?

For us, the concept of living seasonally means aligning with nature’s cycle of seasons – eating the foods that are grown and available in each season, embodying the season’s theme and characteristics, and doing activities that are appropriate for that time of year. In the warmer seasons of the year, nature offers us leafy greens and refreshing fruits and vegetables that help with the cleansing process in springtime and keep the body light for summer activities. In the cooler seasons, heartier foods and root vegetables are naturally abundant – these foods help to build energy and warmth to sustain us through the cold.

Living seasonally can also mean living for your individual seasonal body type and balancing your type with specific foods, mind-body principles, and exercises. Summer body types, or those who display the warmer characteristics of Summer, should balance their fiery yang tendencies with cooling foods and yin activities. Likewise, the cooler Winter body types should balance their yin lifestyles with warming foods and yang activities.

A seasonal approach to health uses nature as a guide for how we should live our best lives. It suggests that our ideal life is a seasonal life – one that adapts to and changes in accordance with nature’s cycle of seasons.

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