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What's Your Season? book cover

We're excited to announce the publication of our book, What's Your Season? Healing Principles and Recipes for Your Body Type. Now available for purchase on our website, or in bookstores beginning September 17th. For more information and advance reviews, visit our Books page here.

What’s Your Season? presents a new and valuable approach to living well, bringing together the best of Eastern and Western medicine to help you optimize your health. By relating characteristics of your health, personality, and physical condition to five different seasonal body types, this remarkable system explores the ways in which what you eat, drink, think, and do impact your health—and how you can use nature’s example to develop a lifestyle plan that works for you.

Drawing on guidance from the cycle of seasons, this comprehensive book includes:

  • A personalized approach to health based on your own specific body type

  • An overview of holistic health principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • Diagnostic checklists, dietary recommendations, and suggestions for therapies and activities

  • An A-to-Z guide to whole food ingredients, including healing properties and seasonality

  • Over 75 delicious and easy-to-make recipes for seasonal dishes that will balance your body and satisfy your palate

Whether you embody the warmth of summer or the cold of winter, with the help of What’s Your Season? you’ll learn how to take a more mindful approach to the way you eat and live and, in so doing, discover the good health that you seek.

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