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woman diagnosing body type

Diagnosing Your Seasonal Body Type

To determine your body type, review the following lists of symptoms, check off the characteristics that regularly apply to you, and add up your totals for each of the five seasons.


Generally, our bodies tend to display characteristics from the cooler seasons (fall and winter), the warmer seasons (spring and summer), or the neutral center (Indian summer). However, because of the complexity of the constitutional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that influence health, you may find yourself identifying with more than one seasonal body type. For those with both warm and cool symptoms, usually one health pattern will be more predominant.

Although your responses may be influenced by changing health conditions, illnesses, medications, or stress levels, try to provide answers that represent your general state of health most of the time. If you have a pressing health concern or a chronic condition, use that as an indication of your primary seasonal body type.


Check below if any of the following regularly apply to you:

Spring Body Type

Summer Body Type

Indian Summer Body Type

Fall Body Type

Winter Body Type

Find out more about your seasonal body type and recommended foods, activities, and healing principles here:

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